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Carnival of San Gimignano (February; venue: streets of San Gimignano) Chariots journey through the streets of San Gimignano.

Fiesta of Saint Fina, aka Saint Seraphina and Serafina (12th March). Born in 1238 in town and died in 1253. Her house still stands in town.

Ferie delle Messi (mid-June) Festival dating back to the Middle Ages celebrating the harvest. The celebration includes period costume, parades, and jousting. Organizer: Association Cavalieri di Santa Fina.

Summer Music Festival (July-August) opera, poetry, theatre, ballet, classical concerts and movies. Organizer: Municipality of San Gimignano, Council for Cultural Affairs (tel. 05779 40008).
San Gimignano Musica (September-October) Classical music performances.

Festival of the Madonna of Pancole (8th September; venue: Sanctuary of Pancole 4 km away from San Gimignano) Religious ceremony. Food and display of fireworks. Organizer: Santuario di Pancole (tel. 0577 940008).

Volterra-San Gimignano30-km national race (2nd or 3rd Sunday of September; www.atleticavolterra.it) Organizer: Municipalities of San Gimignano and Volterra.
San Gimignano Treasures - A Beautiful and Good Town (October-December) Fairs of regional products, such as wine, olive oil, saffron and biological products. Features games, cooking lessons of local cuisine, tasting of local products, exhibitions, cinema, theatre, music, ballet performances, conferences, arts and crafts, and excursions. Organizer: Municipality of San Gimignano

Leggieri d'Inverno (December-April; venue: Teatro dei Leggieri; www.giardinochiuso.it) Poetry reading, ballet, and theatre performances. Organizer: Compagnia Giardino Chiuso