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AGT (tel. 0577 43273/fax  0577 43279; info@guidesiena.it; www.guidesiena.it) The Association of Tour Guides operates wine, nature, and equestrian tours that take visitors to hamlets and Medieval villages, back roads, and vineyards around the province. Guides in more than 10 languages.


Esperia SNC.(Via Raffaele De Grada, 2 H, tel./ fax 0577 943240; info@esperiasg.it, www.esperiasg.it) Guided wine tours around the province as well as Italian lessons, wedding planning, translation services. and English lessons.


Viviana Girola (tel./Fax 0577 309042, mobile  338 6114618; info@guideinsiena.it) Tours organized by the writer of the best selling guide book on San Gimignano. Licensed tourist guide of the province of Siena.